The Earth and Moon Inside Her

The Earth and Moon Inside Her is a conceptual fine art photography series and video project within the genre of constructed reality. It will tell the story of journeying to understand and accept the inevitability of death and endings in life. The various scenes of life or death including animals, environment, etc., are represented both literally as well as symbolically. The protagonist (me) encounters these scenes little by little and along the way, an antagonist character (also myself) as well which represents the catalyst for change within the story. Incorporating self-portraits allows me to connect personally with the subject matter and, equally important, You the audience.

The 20 images have been captured digitally containing strong lens manipulation along with slight coloration techniques both in camera and in post-production. These are intended to be presented in the form of large 16x20 loose prints, hung by twine within tree branches so they may envelop the viewer on an intimate and intricate level. The video will be projected in the same space so the still and moving images can be seen simultaneously.

Check out my blog for more information and the link below for the video portion of the project!